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Our concept is to deliver an innovative dining and entertainment experience that consists of an in-house branded kitchen, a luxe sports lounge, and a venue fit for live music! 


We want you to leave with an experience that will please all six of your senses.

We aim to raise the bar for social interaction and service excellence; which in turn will create lasting, meaningful and memorable experiences that will stand the test of time.



As the food industry continues to shift towards a more entertainment-oriented concept, 4Thirteen's guests will be offered a dynamic place to enjoy a soulfully infused menu while embracing a finely crafted cocktail with live music playing in the background.



Our upscale ambiance, live music, spacious patio, and dynamic food.

4Thirteen's mission is to ride this train until the wheels fall off by heavily utilizing our venue as an entertainment-attraction that will cater to the masses and provide our guests with an intimate place to hangout, eat, and enjoy the vibes around them.



4Thirteen's sports lounge and live music venue is not your "typical" Sports Bar -


We provide our guests with a venue where they can watch live sporting events on a big screen, sip on a stiff drink, chow down on amazing food, and then step out on the patio to indulge in an exquisite cigar (or two).



How does sipping wine under the stars while listening your favorite local artist serenade you with live music sound?

One of our greatest treasures is our stylish wrap-around patio experience that offers refined seating options with a tranquil ambiance.  

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