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Our Story

Angela’s true passion is "bringing people together through music and entertainment."  

KISS Entertainment Group of Dallas (KISS Dallas) was created in 2012.


The original concept of KISS was a way to host events that were considered “fresh and different” for the 35 and up crowd.   Then Angela recognized that there was an immense amount of independent talented artists in the Dallas area.  Angela created a platform to give those artists' a stage to perform.  Angela has hosted tons of events that included music, sports and comedy.  KISS has since grown into so much more. Under the KISS brand, Angela has also co-authored a book and hosted her own TV and radio talk shows.

In honor of her late mother, Angela has always envisioned opening her own venue.  Recognizing the lack of entertainment options for the urban professional community, Angela has been working to create a solid foundation and concept for the past 5 years. Through this vision 4Thirteen Kitchen and Sports Lounge was conceived. 4Thirteen comes from the derivation of Angela’s favorite biblical scripture

Philippians 4:13.

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